A fascinating look at various people who witnessed the eclipse.

THE TOTALITY LASTED no more than two minutes and 41 seconds, which makes the idea of spending hours driving to see it seem a bit foolish. Yet countless people did just that, simply to say they saw the sun go dark.

Photographer Rachel Bujalski joined the pilgrimage, but found herself at least as interested in the crowds as the eclipse that drew everyone together. She photographed more than two dozen sun watchers trekking up the west coast as she made the drive from San Francisco to Mitchell, Oregon, for Monday’s big show. She met all sorts during the trip, from parents toting kids to a couple in their nineties who wanted to see just one more eclipse. The portraits she posted to Instagram convey the excitement everyone felt ahead of the big event. “They’d been planning this for so long and they were just ready to see it,” Bujalski says.

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