The wildfires in Northern California cut across a wide swath of the state — including dozens of school districts, hundreds of schools and hundreds of thousands of students. At one point, classes were canceled for 260,000 students in 600 schools. And while schools are slowly coming back on line, there remain […]

How the California wildfires have affected 250,000 students.

A baby lamb is separated from its family. Somehow, in vast herds of sheep that look virtually identical, the lost youngling locates its kin. Salmon swim out to the vast expanses of the sea and migrate back home to their precise spawning grounds with bewildering accuracy. Scientists have long known […]

A fascinating article about human and animal social preference and ...

Sesame Street‘s trading zombies for cookie-snatching gingerbread in its new parody of AMC’s The Walking Dead. In this dystopian Sesame Street reality, Cookie Monster (or in this case, Sheriff Graham) must learn to exercise control over his cookie cravings lest he attract the attentions of the dreaded Crumbies. As Sheriff Graham’s number one […]

Watch a humorous ‘Sesame Street’ parody of ‘The Walking Dead’ ...

A new era in education between charter schools and the city’s public school district will be the focus of a conversation Wednesday night as top education leadership takes the stage for a discussion on the State of Schools in Detroit. Nikolai Vitti, superintendent of Detroit Public Schools Community District; Rob […]

The changing face of education in Detroit.

An Electronic Book or E-Book as they are universally known, is a text-based publication in digital form.  While they may contain images and graphs of some kind, mostly their formats lead them to be text-based. E-books are designed to be read off an electronically compatible device either an IReader, a […]

The history of Electronic Books

Every dog owner is familiar with the ‘puppy dog eyes’ expression. As the inner brow lifts, the eyes get bigger and bigger … It’s tempting to interpret this as a plea from a sad dog for a scrap of the family dinner. Now, a small study provides support for the […]

A fascinating article about communication between dogs and people.

WASHINGTON — Let’s just get this out of the way: There are other matters of consequence going on in the world. But in these fractious times, a series of puppy photos sent by none other than the fun-loving scamps at the Central Intelligence Agency qualifies as a feel-good, stick-it-to-the-man moment, shared […]

The touching tale of Lulu, the CIA bomb school dropout.

Two ultradense cores of dead stars have produced a long-awaited cosmic collision, showering scientists with riches. The event was the first direct sighting of a smashup of neutron stars, which are formed when aging stars explode and leave behind a neutron-rich remnant. In the wake of the collision, the churning […]

Neutron star collision showers the universe with a wealth of ...

K-12 schools in at least three states have been targeted for extortion by hackers, and institutions of higher education may be subject to the same cyberthreat, a cybersecurity official at the U.S. Department of Education warned this week. Recent cases emphasize how critical it is for schools and colleges to anticipate a […]

Education Department warns of extortion cyberthreat against schools

For the first time, astronomers have directly measured the distance to a spot clear across the galaxy. The established but challenging technique promises a new way to map the structure of the Milky Way. This technique, called parallax, has measured distances to stars since the 1830s. But because of galactic […]

Measured distance within the Milky Way gives clues to what ...