Retired instructors reflect on changes in nursing education

For 50 years, Gadsden State Community College has been a leader in nursing education in northeast Alabama. During this time, the College has seen a lot of changes – cutting-edge technology; a competitive program; an increase in student applications; and a rise in the number of faculty required to teach nursing practices.

In 1967, Gadsden State had a class of 11 students who were taught by two faculty members – Sister Anne Joachim Hogan and Gayle Adams Hawkins. Today, the nursing program has a total enrollment of 353 students and a faculty of 18 instructors.

“There have been many changes at Gadsden State,” said Brenda Holman, a retired nursing instructor. “During my time, campuses changed; names changed. We saw a lot of growth but, what stands out to me is how proud the community has always been of Gadsden State. We have always been a community-based school. Everyone has a connection to Gadsden State, and everyone loves Gadsden State.”

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