It has been about two years since Yuri Milner announced his most audacious piece of science-focused philanthropy: Breakthrough Starshot, an attempt to send hardware to Alpha Centauri by mid-century. Although the technology involved is a reasonable extrapolation of things we already know how to make, being able to create materials and […]

The material science of building a light sail to take ...

Monday was the first day of Dartmouth’s Spring term. So, as I often do at this time, I started teaching my course for non-science majors called “Understanding the Universe: From Atoms to the Big Bang.” This is what students like to call a “physics for poets” class — a class […]

A fascinating article about how science students can benefit from ...

Money doesn’t come easy, and unfortunately, neither does understanding it. Whether it’s a past-due bill or a mountain of student-loan debt, most of us have to contend with financial issues on a daily basis. And our savings rates are looking pretty dismal. At the end of last year, the personal […]

Bees are vital to the world’s food supply. To educate schoolchildren about the importance of honeybees, the Sweet Virginia Foundation is using a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on experience. The kids get up close and personal with the insects, donning beekeeper suits and actually interacting with a buzzing hive. Watch Video:

Kids Learn Why Bees Are Awesome

TEACHING CAREER BASICS Teachers and professors have a wide variety of responsibilities, including developing classroom curricula, teaching courses, proctoring exams and helping guide students toward academic success. Although all teachers have the same basic work functions, their jobs may vary significantly depending on their classroom placement and specialty. Teachers can […]

Helpful information for people considering teaching school as a career.

For 50 years, Gadsden State Community College has been a leader in nursing education in northeast Alabama. During this time, the College has seen a lot of changes – cutting-edge technology; a competitive program; an increase in student applications; and a rise in the number of faculty required to teach […]

Retired instructors reflect on changes in nursing education

In elementary schools throughout Miami-Dade County, students snack on cranberry hibiscus during class and eat lemongrass-infused rice in the cafeteria. They help grow the fresh fruits and vegetables themselves in on-campus gardens. School staff incorporate the crops into lunch menus and send them home with the kids in “harvest bags.” […]

An intriguing way that science is being taught to elementary ...

The spectacular total solar eclipse that swept the United States dominated headlines as it delighted scientists and the public alike in August 2017 (the above image of the Moon transiting across the Sun was taken by NASA’s Solar Dynamics Observatory spacecraft in the extreme ultraviolet spectrum). The year also brought innovations in spaceflight and surprising insights into species […]

A fascinating article detailing the best scientific pictures of 2017.

Education is meant to enrich students, and part of that experience is ensuring that they learn in a quality environment. This year’s shortlist for the World Architecture Festival, held over three days in November in Berlin, Germany, include feats of educational design from the US, France, Vietnam, India, and everywhere in […]

16 of the most beautiful schools in the world

Permanent markers aren’t so permanent after all, scientists now report. All you need to peel the ink from glass is water. Oh, and you also need a whole lot of patience! When glass marked with permanent ink is slowly dipped into water, the writing lifts off the glass. It then […]

You can peel permanent marker, intact, off of glass